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Below is the pricelist:


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AY Pricelist

Details   Price 
Rainbow Pins   R 20,00
Rainbow Activity Books   R 65,00
Little Lamb Pins   R 30,00
Little Lamb Work Book   R 50,00
Little Lamb Parent Book   R 30,00
Little Lamb Step By Step Teachers Guide Book   R 120,00
Little Lamb Badges   R 30,00
Little Lamb Woogles   R 30,00
Little Lamb Class Certificate   R 15,00
Little Lamb Strip   R 20,00
Little Lamb Caps – Kiddies   R 35,00
Little Lamb Caps   R 65,00
Little Lamb Dress 2-3   R 118,00
Little Lamb Dress 4-5   R 118,00
Little Lamb Scarf   R 95,00
Little Lamb Tshirts 2-3   R 95,00
Little Lamb Tshirts 4-5   R 110,00
Little Lamb Tshirts 6-7   R 110,00
Little Lamb Tshirts S   R 110,00
Little Lamb Tshirts M   R 110,00
Little Lamb Tshirts L   R 120,00
Little Lamb Tshirts XL   R 125,00
Little Lamb Tshirts XXL   R 125,00
Little Lamb Tshirts  XXXL   R 125,00
Eager Beaver Pins – old   R 20,00
Eager Beaver Pins   R 30,00
Eager Beaver Class Strip   R 20,00
Eager Beaver Program Manual   R 45,00
Eager Beaver Activity Books   R 120,00
Eager Beaver Badge   R 35,00
Eager Beaver Woggles   R 35,00
Eager Beaver Kids Scarve   R 70,00
Eager Beaver Cap   R 50,00
Eager Beaver Golf Shirt Kiddies 3-4   R 110,00
Eager Beaver Golf Shirt Kiddies 7-8   R 110,00
Eager Beaver Golf Shirt Adults S   R 120,00
Eager Beaver Golf Shirt Adults M   R 120,00
Eager Beaver Golf Shirt Adults L   R 120,00
Busy Bee Pins   R 30,00
Sunbeam Pins   R 30,00
Builder Pins   R 30,00
Helping Hand Pins   R 30,00
Adventurer Pocket Pin   R 35,00
Adventurer Combined Class Bar   R 160,00
Busy Bee Strips   R 20,00
Sunbeam Strips   R 20,00
Builder Strips   R 20,00
Helping Hand Strips   R 20,00
Adventurer World Badge   R 35,00
Adventurer Club Badge   R 35,00
Adventurer Woggle   R 35,00
Adventurer Metal Woogle   R 80,00
Adventure Counselor Strip   R 20,00
Adventure Director Strip   R 20,00
Adventurer Trans Orange Strip   R 20,00
Adventurer Teachers Resource Manual   R 75,00
Adventurer Administrative Manual   R 45,00
Adventurer Award Manual ( 2014 eddition)   R 150,00
Adventure Award Chart   R 75,00
Busy Bee Manual   R 65,00
Sunbeam Manual   R 65,00
Builder Manual   R 65,00
Helping Hand Manual   R 65,00
Busy Bee Activity Book   R 55,00
Sunbeam Activity Book   R 55,00
Builder Activity Book   R 55,00
Helping Hand Activity Book   R 55,00
Adventurer Flag   R 550,00
Adventurer Whistle Holder   R 75,00
Adventurer Director Whistle Holder   R 75,00
Adventurer Director Epaulettes(adventurer logo gold)   R 75,00
Adventurer Deputy Director Epaulettes(plain hard)   R 75,00
Adventurer Counselor Epaulettes( soft)   R 25,00
Adventure Epaulettes   R 25,00
Adventurer Pastors Epaulettes with Gold Church Logo   R 75,00
Adventurer Federation Officers (one stripe silver)   R 50,00
Adventure Federation President (one stripe gold)   R 50,00
Adventure Distritct Director Epaulettes (2 stripe Silver)   R 75,00
Adventure Conference Director Epaulettes (2 stripe gold)   R 75,00
Adventure Master Guide Epaulettes (silver Logo)   R 75,00
Adventurert Scarve   R 105,00
Adventurer Bow Tie   R 150,00
Adventurer Tie   R 150,00
Adventurer Cap Striped   R 80,00
Adventurer Forage Hats XS   R 115,00
Adventurer Forage Hats S, M, L, XL   R 120,00
Adventurer White Pilot Shirts 3-4   R 220,00
Adventure White Plain Pilot Shirts 5-6   R 235,00
Adventurer White Pilot Shirts 7-8   R 235,00
Adventurer White Pilots Shirts 9-10   R 235,00
Adventure Sash Small   R 60,00
Adventure Sash Medium, Large,   R 80,00
Adventurer Sash Xlarge, XX Large   R 85,00
Adventurer Skirts 3-4   R 180,00
Adventurer Skirts 5-6   R 180,00
Adventurer Skirts 7-8   R 180,00
Adventurer Counselor Skirts 28   R 210,00
Adventurer Counselor Skirts 30   R 210,00
Adventurer Counselor Skirt 32   R 210,00
Adventurer Counselor Skirts 34   R 210,00
Adventurer Counselor Skirts 36   R 210,00
Adventurer Counselor Skirts 38   R 210,00
Adventurer Counselor Skirts 40   R 210,00
Adventurer Counselor Skirts 42   R 210,00
Adventurer Pants 5-6   R 190,00
Adventurer Pants 7-8   R 190,00
Adventurer Pants 9-10   R 190,00
Adventurer Class Cards   R 2,00
Pathfinder Small Triangle Pin   R 25,00
Pathfinder Leadership Award Pin   R 30,00
Advanced Pathfinder Leadership Award Pin   R 30,00
Friend Pins   R 30,00
Companion Pins   R 30,00
Explorer Pins   R 30,00
Ranger Pins   R 30,00
Voyager Pins   R 30,00
Guide Pins   R 30,00
Pathfinder Captain Pin   R 35,00
Pathfinder Scribe Pin   R 35,00
Pathfinder Combined Class Bar   R 160,00
 Pathfinder Class Cards   R 2,00
Friend Strip   R 20,00
Companion Strip   R 20,00
Explorer Strip   R 20,00
Ranger Strip   R 20,00
Voyager Strip   R 20,00
Guide Strip   R 20,00
Pathfinder Director Strip   R 20,00
Pathfinder Deputy Director Strip   R 20,00
Pathfinder Counselor Strip   R 20,00
Pathfinder Junior Counselor Strip   R 20,00
Pathfinder Co-ordinator Strip   R 20,00
Pathfinder Instructor Strip   R 20,00
Friend Individual Chevron   R 25,00
Companion Individual Chevron   R 25,00
Explorer Individual Cheveron   R 25,00
Ranger Individual Chevron   R 25,00
Voyager Individual Chevron   R 25,00
Guide Individual Chevron   R 25,00
Pathfinder Trans Oranger Strip   R 30,00
Pathfinder Leadership Award Badge   R 35,00
Advanced Pathfinder Leadership Badge   R 35,00
Pathfinder Triangle(club) Badge    R35.00
Pathfinder World Badge   R 35,00
South African Badge   R 35,00
Pathfinder Metal Badge   R 75,00
South Africa National Flag   R 520,00
Pathfinder Club Flag   R 540,00
Pathfinder Honors Chart   R 95,00
Pathfinder Woggle   R 35,00
Pathfinder Metal Woggle   R 80,00
Pathfinder Whistle Holder   R 75,00
Pathfinder Director Whistle Holder   R 75,00
Pathfinder Conference Director Epaulettes (2 gold Stripe)   R 75,00
Pathfinder District Director Epaulettes (one gold Stripe)   R 75,00
Pathfinder Epulettes two Silver Stripes   R 75,00
Pathfinder Federation Officers Epaulettees(1 silver Sripe)   R 75,00
Pastors in Pathfinder Epaulettes with Church Logo   R 75,00
Pathfinder Master Guide Epaulettes with Silver Club Logo   R 75,00
Pathfinder Director Epaulettes with Gold Club Logo   R 75,00
Pathfinder Deputy Director Plain Hard Epaulettes   R 75,00
Pathfinder Counsellor Epaulettes Plain Soft   R 25,00
Pathfinder Epaulettes Yellow Soft   R 25,00
Pathfinder Small Sash   R 80,00
Pathfinder Medium, Large Sash   R 85,00
Pathfinder Xlarge, XXLarge , XXXLarge Sashes   R 85,00
Pathfinder Forage Hats all Sizes White line   R 100,00
Pathfinder Forage Hats all Sizes Yellow line   R 120,00
Pathfinder Bottle Green Striped Cap   R 80,00
Pathfinder Khakhi Caps    R80.00
Pathfinder Bow Tie   R 150,00
Pathfinder Tie   R 150,00
Pathfinder White/Khakhi Pilot Shirts with Badge(Okavango)   R 290,00
Pathfinder White Pilot Shirts(Official Wear)    R200.00
Gauteng Uniforms White Pilot Shirt S-L    R170.00
Gauteng Uniforms White Pilot Shirt XL-XXl    R180.00
Pathfinder Khakhi Pilot Shirts 11-12, 12-13    R160.00
Pathfinder Pilot Shirts 13 – 14, 15- 16    R180.00
Pathfinder Khakhi Pilot shirts Small    R180.00
Pathfinder Khakhi Shirts Mid-Large    R200.00
Pathifinder Khakhi Shirts XL,XXL    R200.00
Pathfinder Skirts 24,26,28,30    R170.00
Pathfinder Skirts 32,34,36    R170.00
Pathfinder Counselor Skirts 28    R210.00
Pathfinder Counselor Skirts 32    R210.00
Pathfinder Counselor Skirts 34    R210.00
Pathfinder Counselor Skirts 36    R210.00
Pathfinder Counselor Skirts 38    R210.00
Pathifinder Counselor Skirts 40    R210.00
Pathfinder Counselor Skirt 42    R210.00
Pathfinder Pants 9-10    R195.00
Pathfinder Pants 11-12    R195.00
Pathfinder Pants 13-14    R195.00
Pathfinder Pants 20    R195.00
Pathfinder Pants 22    R195.00
Pathfinder Pants 24    R210.00
Pathfinder Pants 26     R210.00
Pathfinder Pants 28     R210.00
Pathfinder Pants 30    R210.00
Pathfinder Pants 32    R210.00
Pathfinder Pants 34    R210.00
Pathfinder Pants 36    R210.00
Pathfinder Pants 38    R210.00
Pathfinder Pants 40   R 250,00
Pathfinder Kids Golf T- Shirts    R230.00
Pathfinder Adults Golf T- Shirts    R250.00
Pathfinder Scarve/Neckerchief – Small    R80.00
Pathfinder Scarve/Neckerchief – SID     R100.00
Friend Advanced Ribbon Bars (insignia)    R35.00
Companion Advanced Ribbon Bars (insignia)    R35.00
Explorer Advanced Ribbon Bars (insignia)    R35.00
Ranger Advanced Ribbon Bars (insignia)    R35.00
Voyager Advanced Ribbon Bars (insignia)    R35.00
Guide Advanced Ribbon Bars (insignia)    R35.00
Excelllence Ribbon Bar    R35.00
Pathfinder Administrative Manual    R150.00
Pathfinder Story    R65.00
Happy Path   R 65,00
Pathfinder Honor Book    R150.00
Pathfinder Basic Staff Training Manual    R75.00
Pathfinder Camporee and Fair Manual    R75.00
Pathfinder Drill Manual    R45.00
Friend Manual    R65.00
Companion Manual    R65.00
Explorer Manual    R65.00
Ranger Manual    R65.00
Voyager Manual    R65.00
Voyager Teachers Help Hand Book – Old    R30.00
Guide Manual   R 60,00
Friend Work Book    R60.00
Companion Work Book   R 65,00
Explorer Work Book    R60.00
Ranger Work Book    R60.00
Voyager Work Book    R60.00
Guide Work Book    R60.00
Youth Songs  CD’S    R25.00
Pathfinder DVD North American (Courage to Stand)    R25.00
Pathfinder Bloem Fair Shine for Jesus DVD 2    R25.00
Pathfinder SID Camporee Heroes Of Faith DVD    R25.00
Knot Tying DVD    R25.00
SDASM Resource CD    R25.00
Pathfinder Drill and Marching Resources    R45.00
Ambassador Investiture Pins    R30.00
Ambassador Badge    R35.00
Ambassador Metal Badge   R95.00
Ambassador Metal Woggle   R95.00
Ambassdor Silver Award Medal   R65.00
Ambassador Gold Award Medal   R65.00
Ambassador Bow Tie    R150.00
Ambassador Tie    R150.00
Ambassador Caps    R80.00
Ambassador Scarve   R140.00
Ambassador Golf Shirt – XS    R250.00
Ambassador Golf Shirt – M    R250.00
Ambassador Golf Shirt – L    R250.00
Ambassador Pocket Pin    R45.00
Ambassador Flag    R465.00
Ambassador Module 1 Discipleship Leader”s Guide    R100.00
Ambassador Module 1 Discipleship Participant”s Guide    R95.00
Ambassador Module 2 Leadership Leader”s Guide    R100.00
Ambassador Module 2 Participant’s Guide    R95.00
Ambassador Module 3 Leader’s Guide    R100.00
Ambassador Module 3 Participant’s Guide    R95.00
Youth Pin Small    R35.00
Youth Pocket Pin Big    R45.00
Youth Badge    R35.00
Youth Metal Badge    R100.00
Youth Flag    R460.00
Youth Scarve    R130.00
Youth Bow Tie    R150.00
Youth Tie    R150.00
Youth Metal Woggle    R95.00
Youth Cap    R85.00
Youth Grey Skirt  30,32,34,36    R300.00
Youth Grey Skirt 38,40,42,44    R300.00
Youth Ministries Handbook    R150.00
AY Story    R65.00
Ay Silver Award Plan Hand Book    R20.00
Youth First    R20.00
ABC….Z for Youth Ministries    R75.00
Youth Discipleship Program   R55.00
Adventurer Master Guide Star    R30.00
Adventurer Master Guide Strip    R20.00
Master Guide Combination Chevron    R35.00
Adventurer Master Guide Whistle Holder    R75.00
Master Guide Scarve    R110.00
Master Guide Bow Tie    R150.00
Master Guide Tie    R150.00
Master Guide Crest   R75.00
Master Guide Cap    R80.00
Master Guide T Shirt   R65.00
Master Guide Adventurer Forage Hats    R120.00
Master Guide Pin    R35.00
Master Guide Strip    R20.00
Master Guide Scarve   R110.00
Master Guide Bow Tie    R150.00
Master Guide Tie    R150.00
Pathfinder Master Guide Hats    R120.00
Pathfinder Master Guide Hats    R120.00
Pathfinder Master Guide Whistle Holder    R75.00
Master Guide Cloth Woggle    R35.00
Master Guide Metal Woggle   R95.00
Master Guide Metal Badge    R95.00
Master Guide Flag    R480.00
Master Guide Star    R35.00
Pathfinder Master Guide Combination Chevron    R30.00
Master GuidePocket Pin    R30.00
Whistles    R20.00
Master Belt Bickle    R150.00
Church Heritage    R65.00
Christian Story Telling Booklet    R45.00
Bible Truth    R65.00
Master Guide Teachers Resource Manual    
Rainbow Membership Certificate    R15.00
Eager Beaver Membership Certificate    R15.00
Eager Beaver Class Certificate    R15.00
Adventurer Award Certificate    R15.00
Adventurer Membership Certificate    R15.00
Adventurer Memory Germ Certificate    R15.00
Adventurer Book Reading Certificate    R15.00
Busy Bee Class Certificate    R15.00
Sunbeam Class Certificate    R15.00
Builder Class Certificate    R15.00
Helping Hand Class Certificate    R15.00
Pathfinder Honor Certificate    R15.00
Pathfinder Membership Certificate    R15.00
Pathfinder Memory Germ Certificate    R15.00
Pathfinder Book Reading Certificate    R15.00
Friend Class Certificate    R15.00
Companion Class Certificate    R15.00
Explorer Class Certificate    R15.00
Ranger Class Certificate    R15.00
Voyager Class Certificate    R15.00
Guide Class Certificate    R15.00
Ambassador Membership Certificate   R15.00
Youth Membership Certificate    R15.00
Master Guide Membership Certificate    R15.00
Master Guide Certificate    R15.00
Bible Truth Certificate    R15.00
Church Heritage Certificate    R15.00
The Pathfinder Excellence Award Certificate    R15.00
Ambassador Curriculum Certificate    R15.00
The Basic Staff Training Course Certificate    R15.00
10 Hour Youth Ministries Leadership Certificate – old    
10 Hour Youth Ministries Leadership Certificate – New    R15.00
Youth Ministries Recognition Certificate    R15.00
The Power of One Certificate    R15.00
AY Service Excellence Award Certificate    R15.00
Advance Pathfinder Leadership Award Certificate    R15.00
Pathfinder Leadership Award Certificate    R15.00
Adventist Men Ties    R150.00
Youth Community Service Pin    R35.00
Flag Poles   R1050.00
Flag Stand   R779.00
Camp Doctor Strip   R20.00
Doctor Strip   R20.00
Camp Nurse Strip   R20.00
Nurse Strip    
Master Guide Dry Macs 16,18,    R270.00
Master Guide Dry Macs Adult sizes    R290.00
Master Guide Track Suit Small    
Master Guide Track Suit Medium    
Master Guide Track Suit Large    R429.00
Master Guide Track Suit Xlarge    
Master Guide Track Suit XXLarge    
Pathfinder Dry Mac 12    R260.00
Pathfinder Dry Mac 14    R260.00
Pathfinder Dry Mac Adults Sizes    R300.00
Pathfinder Dry Macs Size 10    R260.00
Pathfinder Dry Mac 18    R260.00
Pathfinder Track Suit 10 – 11    R430.00
Pathfinder Track Suit 11-12    R430.00
Pathfinder Track Suit 12-13    R430.00
Pathfinder Track Suit 13 -14    R430.00
Pathfinder Track Suits 15-16    R430.00
Pathfinder Track Suit Small    R460.00
Pathfinde Track Suites Medium    R460.00
Pathfinder Tracksuites L    R460.00
Pathfinder Tracksuits XL-XXXL    R480-00
Master Guide Track Suits New Logo    
Adventurer track suits new logo    
Age 6-7    
Age 7-8    
Age 9-10    
My Place in Space   R50.00
Childs Commitment Ceremony Pamphlet    R15.00
Earth So Blue DVD   R90.00
Earth So Blue CD   R45.00
My Bible Friend DVD   R50.00
A Man Named Job (DVD)    R40.00
Chldren First (CD)   R20.00
7 Days of Creation  (CD 7 activity book)    R45.00
Wilderness Treasures DVD   R40.00
Fun Fair Music DVD   R40.00
Birds   R25.00
Crayons and Markers   R25.00
Fire Safety   R25.00
Gadgets and Sands   R25.00
God’s World   R25.00
Helping Mommy   R25.00
Jesus Star   R25.00
Jigsaw Puzzle   R25.00
Know Your Body   R25.00
Left and Right   R25.00
Manners Fun   R25.00
My Community Friends   R25.00
Pets   R25.00
Scavenger Hunt   R25.00
Shapes and Sizes   R25.00
Sponge Art   R25.00
Toys   R25.00
Pathfinder pull over Size S   R320.00
Pathfinder pull over Size M    R320.00
Pathfinder pull over Size L    R320.00
Pathfinder pull over Size 22   R270.00
Pathfinder pull over Size 24   R270.00
Pathfinder pull over Size 26   R270.00
Adventurer pullover Size S   R320.00
Adventurer pullover Size M    R320.00
Adventurer pullover Size L    R320.00
Adventurer pullover Size 6   R270.00
Adventurer pullover Size 8   R270.00
Adventurer pullover Size 10   R270.00
Size 11-12    R250.00
Size 13-14    R250.00
Size S    R250.00
Size M   R250.00
Size L   R250.00
Size XL   R250.00
Size XXL   R250.00
Size XXXL   R250.00
Size S   R285.00
Size M    R285.00
Size L    R285.00
Size XL,XXL, XXL, XXXL    R295.00
Size 8   R230.00
Size 10   R230.00
Size 12   R230.00